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    Markus Kunze
Post by On 03 July 2015

I finished testing the new webservers and i am very pleased with the performance.

The new server locations are either Chicago, Rotterdam or Singapore.

The next two  weeks will be filled  with  moving client webs  to the new servers  and with finalizing two  major websites i have been working on  for the last years.


    Markus Kunze
Post by On 26 June 2015

After  operating as a german company for the last 15 years I recently stopped all my professional activities in Germany  and opened a new company in France.

I do live here and paperwork is easier that way... Same same but different!

Currently working on upgrading our webservers to benefit from the latest hardware and performance advances and finalizing the relaunch  of three websites.

I will get back to you soon with more information!



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